Inflatable Seals





For over more than 25 years we are providing services forour customers. In that time we were able to develop different inflatable seals and sleeves and all kinds of new applications.

The waste experience is also empowering us to offer solutions from a simple control to a complex control solution with all the required accessories.

We can deliver inflatable seals, inflatable tubes or sleeves for different applications. They are mainly suitable for the dust-free charging into and discharging out of flexible packaging of all different kind like sacks, bags or containers.

Due to the waste amount of different applications the specific equipment will be fabricated using our big storage of different sections of metal and plastic materials and expandable materials of semi- finished products. In addition we customize for these applications also the controls which can be pneumatic or electro-pneumatic.

Not only the inflatable tubes are working from to inside to the outside, they are also crease-resistant. But also the ones that work from the outside to the inside are seamless and gas tight. This technology is therefore also very suitable for gate valves where a specific gas and vapour tightness is required.

Our inflatable seals will allow the operation to link containers with a fixed discharge to the charging point dust free.

Advantages of inflatable seals and sleeves:

  • Construction according  to GMP ‑ guidelines
  • FDA‑EU and Halal certified  materials
  • Electrical conductive, suitable for hazardous areas Zone 0, 1 and 2 as for 20, 21 and 22
  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Easily dismountable
  • Inflatable seals will be customized and delivered best price
  • High pressure resistance
  • Gas tight connection
  • Manual or control system automated operation available



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