Flexible silo units




Flexible silo units are extremely robust, decay resistant and are usable for almost all kind of powder and granules.

Flexible silo units will have no holdup because the flexible walls do not allow bridging of material. The discharge flow is depending on the choice of discharge unit. The flexible silos can be made of breathable material or specific food grade approved coatings. They can be sized according to various customer requirements as well as the restrictions of the building and specific needs of handling the bulk product.

Now already over many decades our flexible silos are performing reliably and are transporting in hazardous and non hazardous areas pharmaceutical intermediate products, food and feeding stuff, fine chemicals, pigments, compounds, rock flour or baking powder.

The gas tight finish and the according to GMP guidelines constructed gate valves are complying with the challenging Pharmaceutical Standards. Due to the Connflex®- connections and the special designed inflatable seals the gate valves can be interconnected to the flexible units.

Our experience over many decades in construction and execution of equipments and transporting facilities qualifies us to provide complete solutions for multiple plants.

Customer advantages:

  • Excellent flow behaviour
  • Reliable discharge
  • Breathable (no condensate, therefore no aflatoxin producing germs, no incrustations)
  • No corrosion
  • Minimal tare weight
  • Dust free charging due to integrated filter mesh
  • Simple installation even in small areas
  • Online weight measurement
  • Pneumatic silo charging from transportation vehicle
  • Turn-key projects



Additional Information

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