Filter and Filter-Cartridges


Our filters serve without exception to remove particles and micro organisms. These are mainly undesired substances which are in the solution.

Depending on the filtration strategy various chemical and physical effects will take place.

Customer advantages using such filters:

  • Cartridges can be easily removed and replaced
  • Depending on selection of filter the system can be flushed
  • Stainless steel cartridges have a long durability and are perfectly cleanable

Range of application:

  • Separation of suspended solids and opacifiers
  • Anionic Decalcification
  • Cationic Decalcification
  • Stabilisation of water hardness (Anti scaling)
  • Adsorption of pesticides and drug residues as well as removal of chlorine, heavy metals etc. using activated carbon filters.
  • Removal of dissolved incrustations
  • Separation of endotoxic products after electrolysis (Hydrolyt®)

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