Connflex®-expansion joints


Our Connflex® expansion joints are the best choice for GMP-compliant and FDA-certified equipment connecting moving parts.

Flexible compensators, also used as flexible pipe connections, flexible transition pieces, socket joints or known as connectors, are very suitable in such cases where connection, vibrations and moving misalignment have to be compensated. These expansion joints will be often used at the centrifuge discharge or at oscillating sieves. They are solvent resistant, extremely hard-wearing and are also suitable in hazardous areas. Expansion joints are widely pressure proof, easily replaceable and well-priced.

Potential applications:

  • Strain compensation in bulk solids handling systems
  • Vibration compensation at oscillating sieves and centrifuge discharges
  • Compensation of tubing strain on weighing systems
  • Suction filter discharge connections

Advantages of Connflex® expansion joints:

  • GMP ‑ compliant construction
  • FDA – certified materials
  • Solvent resistant
  • Electrical conductive, suitable for hazardous areas Zone 0, 1 and 2, and also 20, 21 und 22
  • Very robust materials
  • No crevices and grooves
  • Joints available as flange, Triclamp or tension chain
  • Easily removable
  • Flexible part of the expansion joints easily removable
  • Best price delivery for various and customized expansion joints
  • High pressure resistance up to 1,0 bar


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