In the domain of Pharma- and Chemical Industry, Food and Beverage and as well as for Building Materials we can provide you with Connflex®-containers und flexible silos. They are suitable for the processing of granular, powdery bulk solids which often have a poor free flowing behavior. The equipment can be provided in GMP design with the state of the art design and will be delivered with the required documentation of compliance and conformity.

All kinds of bags, drums and boxes can be charged with a high dosing accuracy. The discharge systems are designed for dust-free handling. As per your requirements all parts and materials in contact with the product can be provided with compliance to the FDA and GMP guidelines.

Our other company activities comprises of the field of water treatment. The innovative water and disinfection techniques grant an abacterial and germfree operation as well as a protection against calcium deposits if needed.

The unique feature allows the operation of the water system below 45°C and will prohibit the formation of bio films and corrosion within the entire water system and appliances.


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