Hydrolyt® – Inline Electrolysis

The Hydrolyt® – Inline Electrolysis provides protection against calcium carbonate deposits and against microbiological contamination in water systems. In contrast to the diaphragm electrolysis system only the water components of the raw water provoke the electrolytic effect when the inline electrolysis of the hydrolyte system is used.


Customer advantages using the Hydrolyt®-Electrolysis:

  • Energy savings due to lower water temperatures <45°C. Lower radiation losses.
  • Heat pumps can be operated at lower water temperatures and have a much higher coefficient of performance
  • Prohibition of microbiological induced corrosion, no bio-films, non incrustation
  • No unnecessary hot water spilling losses, no risk of scalding
  • No addition of salt or chemicals, water will be used as available
  • Reduction of heavy metal burden (De-ironing is possible)
  • Due to the high degree of activation the water is acting on surfaces as disinfectant
  • Robust construction, long durability, low operating costs

Range of application:

  • Potable water
  • Spring water, Ground water and stream water
  • Industrial application ( Drinking and process water)
  • Cooling water circuits
  • Air Scrubber
  • Adiabatic Cooling systems
  • Pools and Whirlpools
  • Decoration fountains
  • Agriculture
  • Food

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