Funnel for drum discharging


The answer for powder or granules with poor-flow!

Flexible drum discharging funnels can are handy and can be used easily. The product is mostly flowing without the need of any discharging tools and without the well known “hammering” assistance. The discharge part is connected to the Connflex®-connecting parts (see also Connflex®-expansion joints) which is forming a GMP suitable and dead space free transition piece.

According to the requirements for the utilization and kind of bulk powder and the specific needs of the process the discharge unit will be FDA-, EU- und Halal certified or will be equipped with breathable and food grade suitable fabric and coating.

Flexible drum discharge funnels are also cost-efficient when using them in pharmaceutical application. They can be cleaned and sanitizied in industrial washing machine at up to 80 °C.

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