Dosing System – Dosiflex




An integrated membrane in the dosing head permits very accurate dosing. The specific construction avoids any interference of mechanical devices and the flow of powder or granules. The charging system also shows no bridging of powder or granules.

At the beginning of the dosing process the charging membrane is completely open. That’s why during the coarse-dosing process the amount can be charged into the drum very fast or into the docked “bag in box” or the connected sack, bag or big bag. This process is performed dust-free.

After reaching the coarse-weight of the dosing process the membrane remains moving all the time. This kind of “open and close” movement provokes that the accuracy of final dosing does not differ between free flowing powder or bulk solids with poor flow. For a target weight of 25 kg a dosing accuracy of ±10 g can be guaranteed.

A field bus connection is connecting the dosing unit to the control system. According to the actual measurement of the weight and the flow behaviour of the filling material the dosing head will be controlled and the dosing will be gradually optimized. The control system software includes of an optimizing algorithm which can adapt the parameters accordingly.

Since the Dosiflex Dosing System consists only of some tubes, some expansion joints and the dosing membrane a CIP cleaning system can be easily integrated into the system.

Advantages of the Dosing System – Dosiflex:

  • Accurate dosing , ±10 g (depending on the kind of packing and size)
  • No moving mechanical parts in the product flow
  • CIP cleanable, waterproof while membrane is closed position, retractable filling head
  • System is upgradable and can be equipped with a in-liner system
  • Dosing membrane can be dismounted easily
  • Ventilation, air extraction and inertisation system can be integrated
  • Suitable for powder or granules with poor-flow, containing solvents or which are
  • Construction is according to GMP Guidelines
  • Materials of construction are certified according to FDA
  • Deliverable for high containment requirements
  • Deployable in semi or fully automatic operation

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