De-lumping System




The systems to loosen up the solids are specially made to break up the big lumps which originate from longer storage in bags.

The bags will be pushed into the inlet channel of the horizontal nibbler and gashed.
While the sack will be retracted the lumpy material will be pushed into the horizontal nibbler and milled in particle size from 1,0mm to 5,0mm

Through the flexible collection funnel and the succeeding injector of the vacuum transport system the granules will be transferred directly into the reactor or a flexible intermediate silo.

The equipment is designed for the use in hazardous area. Depending on the product behaviour also smaller particle sizes can be achieved.

Advantages of loosening and de-lumping systems:

  • Ergonomic construction
  • Quick simply milling unit
  • Closed unit to allow and comply with high personal safety
    Even with poor flowing products no bridging in the discharge funnel
  • Constant particle size
  • Corrosion resistant elements of construction
  • Suitable for hazardous areas
  • High milling performance
  • Parts in contact with the product can be manufactured according to FDA – EU guidelines (e.g. certificates of materials)
  • Very robust construction

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