Connflex®-Containers (FIBC)




Connflex®-Containers are made of high-strength and of low-shrinkage polyester fabric with incorporated conductive Bekinox threads.

The fabric is coated with FDA-certified polyurethane on both sides.
The discharge is leading into a patented discharge flange corresponding to the Connflex®  -Technology. The construction is in such a way that it corresponds to the latest GMP guidelines. The part which forms the transition between the fabric and the discharge cone has no dead space. The discharge flange is mounted on a vibration plate. This device supports the flow behaviour at the discharge in such a way that already small vibrations avoid the bridging of powder and improves the discharge of bulk solids.

For very poor flowing products separate pusher devices can be mounted to ensure proper discharging.

The flexible Connflex® -Container is restrained in a stainless steel frame and can be rotated 180° (Charging flange = discharge flange) as per customer requirements.

Inflatable seals help to guarantee a dust-free product transfer. The vibrators and pusher devices will assist the homogenous product flow. The Dosiflex-Dosing System will provide a remarkable accurate dosing for many products and for poor free flowing materials.

  • Volume 500l up to 2000l
  • Dimensions as per customer requirements
  • Suitable for washing machines
  • Discharge cone made of Stainless Steel, Hastelloy or Titanium
  • Solvent resistant for different fluids (like Ethanol or similar)
  • Tested and classified for the use in hazardous areas like Zone 0, 1 and 2 as well as for 20, 21 and 22 by the institution “Schweizerisches Institut zur Förderung der Sicherheit”
  • Flexible transport containers will be mainly used for pharmaceutical intermediate products, for chemicals and for high grade food of all kind. They are suitable for automated operations


Additional Description

CON701 Data sheet


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