Coated and uncoated Fabrics


Coated and uncoated Fabrics



TPU-coated Connflex®-Fabric AF/FDA CON701.

The special requirements in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical und Food Industry inspired us to develop the innovative TPU-coated Connflex®-Fabric AF/FDA CON702.

This product is highly interesting for the application in hazardous areas in two ways. First the Bekinex-threads in the polyester mesh are electrically conductive and second the while using the TPU- coating the fabric is conductive and at the same time also FDA-, EU- and Halal compliant.

The Connflex®-Fabric AF/FDA CON702 is extremely heard-wearing and has a tear strength of 3000 N per 5cm.

It is thermally weldable and the Connflex®-Connection technique ensures a GMP-compliant and mostly pressure and vacuum resistant construction.

Connflex®-Fabrics are acid and base resistant and also with limited resistance usable for application with solvents


Uncoated Connflex®-Fabric AF/FDA CON702 for challenging bulk solids.

The polyester product Connflex®-Fabric AF/FDA CON702 is extremely heard-wearing. Bekinex threads ensure that the product is conductive and usable for hazardous applications.

The fabric is very flexible, breathable and resistant to kneading

Connflex®-Fabric AF/FDA CON702 will also be often used as filter and for pressure equilibration. Connflex®-Fabric AF/FDA CON702 can be washed in a washing machine.


CON701 Data Sheet
CON702 Data Sheet

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