Calzid-EX® ZR


The cleaning agent Calzid-Ex® ZR has been developed to achieve long lasting coatings on the electrodes of the reaction cells

Customer advantages using Calzid-Ex® ZR:

  • Optimized for Sterisol® and Hydrolyte®
  • biodegradable acid
  • Depending on the application corrosion inhibitors can be added
  • Cleaning agent with over 20 years of experience
  • Can be used for other applications
  • Gentle and effective calcium carbonate degradation
  • Safe handling
  • No environment pollution


Range of application:

  • Cleaning of electro cell reactors
  • Avoidance of calcification of air washer, adiabatic cooling systems etc.
  • Cleaning of deposits on calcium carbonated surfaces (especially in the food industry)

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