Belt suspension gear




Our belt suspension gear is perfectly suited when bags have to be lifted in rooms with low ceilings. This way they can be charged and discharged safely. The gears will be heavily used in the industry for building material.

Due to the enlacement of the bag straps a compensation of the length of the straps is not needed. Our units will be produced in stainless steel and are mostly used in the Chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical industries.

Four stranded belt suspension gears will be used when there is enough room height available.

A belt suspension gear is reasonably priced and can be sized for weights of 1’300 up to 8’000 kg

The gear will be mostly sold to the building material industry and in industrial farming.

The focus in the construction of belt suspension gears and load lifting appliances is not only the handling of the goods but also the security and safety aspects when manufacturing and operating such devices.

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