Bag- and Container- Charging- and Discharging Systems

The charging and discharging units for bags, big bags and flexible silos are specifically designed for a dust-free transfer and discharging of powder and bulk material with poor flow.

All customized applications consist primarily of the weighing unit and components which were mainly designed by us providing specific features. Inflatable seals help to guarantee a dust-free product transfer. The vibrators and pusher devices will assist the homogenous product flow. Load safety devices will serve the safe operation and handling. And on top the Dosiflex-Dosing System will provide a remarkable accurate dosing of many products and for poor free flowing materials.

The discharging units are designed in such a way that direct discharging into reactors is possible as well as when using a rotary feeder at the inlet or when transferring into a funnel connected to our vacuum transport systems.



Charging- and Discharging Systems

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